Ready, Set, Shop Small Saturday!

(..But why not make EVERY DAY Small Business Day?)

In the most recent statistics reported by The Small Business Association, 99.3 % of Iowa business are small (499 employees and fewer).  There are 267,733 small Iowa businesses that employ a total of 646,525 people, which is about 48.3% of all Iowa employees.

Forbes Magazine, a highly recognized source of objective business information outlined several convincing reasons to keep those dollars local.

  1. $68.00 of every $100.00 spent in a small business STAYS in the community.
  2. Local business owners support local community activities- those big, out-of-town stores do not.
  3. Local taxes support public schools, parks, and roads.
  4. Local taxes fund public service workers, like firefighters and police.
  5. Vendors, not stores, determine pricing. Small business owners have just as much access to vendors as those big places do. If they don’t have what you need, just ask!
  6. Local owners provide better personal service.
  7. Small businesses create a sense of community.

Warrior Bucks Accepted Here

Do you like to give money or gift cards rather than shop? You can still keep that money working in Osceola. For many years, Chamber Main Street has made it easy with Warrior Bucks. All businesses who bank locally can accept Warrior Bucks- just like money. Anyone can purchase Warrior Bucks at the Chamber Main Street office and give them as a gift certificate. Just look for the “Warrior Bucks Accepted Here” signs, and if you don’t see one, ask the owner-chances are, they will accept them.

Close Your Eyes and Imagine

Okay, if the warm and fuzzy reasons for keeping dollars local do not move you, and you do not believe the statistics, close your eyes and imagine Osceola without shops and service providers.  Imagine the town square without activities and think about the consequences of limited personal safety services.

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