ASI Audiological Services, Inc.

ASI Audiological Services, Inc. was founded in 1978 by Dr. Kent Webb, Au.D.. In the 70’s Audiologists were exclusively located in major cities and were always associated with an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. Hearing aid services to small towns during that era were provided primarily by hearing aid salesman in pharmacies and jewelry stores or via traveling salesmen who would simply rent a room at the local motel, would be here today and gone tomorrow. Local professional audiology and hearing aid services were simply not an option at that time. Not being a city boy by nature, Dr. Kent Webb strongly felt that audiology and professional hearing aid service needed to find a way into rural communities thus Audiological Services, Inc. was founded. Today, the practice is owned and operated by his son, Dr. Michael Webb, Au.D., who continues his father’s mission to improve the lives of those with hearing loss through quality service. We are proud to have provided thousands of patients with complete hearing care and counseling.
When considering getting your hearing tested it is important to understand how a hearing loss can happen and the impact untreated hearing loss can have on a person. Hearing loss happens for many reasons. Some people lose their hearing slowly as they age, this condition is known as presbycusis (prez-buh-KYOO-sis). Doctors do not know why presbycusis happens, but it seems to run in families. Another reason for hearing loss may be exposure to too much loud noise. This condition is known as noise induced hearing loss. Many construction workers, farmers, musicians, airport workers, tree cutters, and people in the armed forces have hearing problems because of too much exposure to loud noise. Sometimes loud noise can cause a ringing, hissing, or roaring sound in the ears, called tinnitus (tin-NY-tus). The consequences of untreated hearing loss can have multiple effects on a person’s life including but not limited to; significantly higher incidence of feelings of isolation and depression, shorter lifespan, 30-40% faster decline in cognitive abilities and up to 5 times more likely to develop dementia. Additionally, people with a mild hearing loss (less than 25 decibels) are 3 times more likely to have a history of falling. Furthermore, each additional 10 decibels of hearing loss will increase the falling risk by 1.4 times.
We know that hearing aids and hearing loss can be confusing for people, which is why we offer free consultations at all locations. If you have questions about hearing loss, want to learn about the best hearing aids available, or just want to have a free hearing test, we are here to help.
Many hearing aid providers are happy to let you demo devices in their office. At ASI Audiology we frequently let people try the newest and latest hearing aids for free, and all our hearing aids come with a 30-Day Risk-Free Trial. We also can offer special tests to people that already wear hearing aids, where we do a test with their hearing aids in their ears. Once hearing aids are purchased from ASI we will work on them free of charge for the lifetime of the equipment.
We would be delighted if you would schedule an appointment at one of our clinics, enjoy a cup of coffee or a cookie and talk with us about our favorite subject, your hearing.
To schedule an appointment, call our toll-free number 1-800-458-4413 or visit us on our website, We can’t wait to HEAR from you!

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