Osceola, Iowa - Volunteer Opportunities

Osceola Chamber Main Street relies on volunteers to help promote our work and engage the community.  We could not do what we do so well without the input and assistance of great people in this community who jump in and lend a hand where needed.

If you have ever thought about being involved with Osceola Chamber Main Street, we would love to have your help.  We have several committees that meet on a monthly (and as needed basis) to plan out great projects, activities, and more.  If a committee doesn't interest you, we have plenty of events every year that can use people to help run the event and make them successful.

The following list is a list of our committees and a brief overview of what they do:

  • Organization Committee: This committee's role is to work to increase community/business support in areas of membership investments, event sponsorships, and volunteer recognition and recruitment.  This committee meets the fourth Wednesday of every month at the OCMS office at 12pm.
  • Promotions Committee:  This committee's role is to organize and operat the majority of activities and events in the community.  This committee also helps promote the great work OCMS does in the community.  This committee meets the second Thursday of every month at the OCMS office at 12pm.
  • Design Committee:  This committee's role is to increase community awareness and understanding of historic preservation and work on community improvements and beautification.
  • Latino Festival Committee: This committee's role is to work on building a positive relationship with the community's Hispanic population as well as coordinating and operating an annual Latino Festival to celebrate the Hispanic culture and independence.  This committee meets as needed.
  • Sportsman's Banquet Committee: This committee's role is to build interest and funding to help support outdoor recreational opportunities, such as hard-surface trails at Q-Pond Park.  The Committee does this each year through holding an annual fundraising banquet.  This committee meets as needed.

If committees are not where you want to focus your volunteer efforts, but you would love to help out with a few of our events, that would be great.  If you just want to show up and be put to work, we can handle that! Below are some of the events that require the most help in organizing and operating:

  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Firecracker Fun Run
  • OCMS 4th of July Beer Tent
  • Latino Festival
  • Sportsman's Banquet
  • Zombie Prom
  • Let's Wine About Winter Wine Walk
  • Holiday Brilliance

If you have questions about anything listed above or have another idea of how you could help Osceola Chamber Main Street, please contact Derek Lumsden at 641-342-4200 or by email at ocms@iowatelecom.net